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I'm j_linker444...

A new step as a new Voyager.

Hi all! This is the journal of j_linker444.
Your resident V6 FANBOY.
When it comes to other stuff, I'm lazy.

This is an introductory post to my journal an you could easy reach me by commenting below!
I'm open to criticisms that is if your ready for my rationalizations.
You are more than welcome to comment anything, just don't SPAM.

Everything V6 is LOVE.

Just as warm as the OkadaxKen moment there, I am open to new acquaintances in fandom (again). You can add me and let me know about yourself. Come on, I won't bite - I REALLY DON'T. Or maybe... hahaha
UH~ In case I randomly added you and for some reason, you don't know why... maybe it's fandom-related. I think wouldn't happen. So, that's it!

FOR MORE INFO, please visit my profile. (OPPSS, UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)

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hi, rossa desu ^^ I love V6, especially Nagano Hiroshi hahaha...may I add u? Nice to meet u ^^

au... hahahaha... sure... no prob! NICE TO MEET YOU TOO!

hi, i see that you've added me~!
thank goodness i recognize you from the comm and from MP i suppose? :D

i'm adding you back~! (~^_^~)/

aa, your lj is nice, and i see you like V6 too!! (and anime, arashi etc...)
i hope you don't mind if i add you?
well, nice day!!

hi there! this is my new LJ account if you want to re-friend me. I had to clean out all the people who were not really friends.

hi, link! ano could i just added you as friend in this LJ or should i go to yahoo messenger and so on? cause those two are not too friendly with me lately...

ne the banner is so tempting!!!! XD XD XD just confused that in the below are more kamisen and no tonisen. >_

which lj are you talking about?? :p

the banner is on my other lj... right?

i mean the banner when i clicked the link you gave us. it's v6 & topless XD XD
you used it before for your fanmade i don't forgive, right? ^^

yeah..... thats on my other lj... :P

ehem ... hey! Link!! It's me again^^ [siguro ngsasawa kn noh?..hehe^^] I'm not a stalker though^^, I added u. Can i also be added? ciao! XD

hi link-kun...
I think we've chat sometimes at FB ne..
can I add u??

heyyy~ hello there!! I'm chating with you!!! >_< yey ur my 1st "stalker"? XD hahahahaha I'm adding you as a friendo hope u don't mind!!!
nice to meet you again! and let's share V6ness all over the journal ne~? ^0^

yO! .. advance Happy Birthday ..(=
Take care..

Belated Happy birthday...sorry I missed it yesterday >.

Hello I'm a french V6 stan :)
you seem very cool and I visited all your lj ,I love it a lot , thank you for sharing so much with us
can I add you ?

heyya! I'm also a stan but recently, I haven't been posting stuff on this LJ!

~I'll still add you back though :) thanks for the add. XD

Hi! nice to meet you :D

My name is María Elena and I am from México City :D. I will add you as a friend I hope you don´t mind :D Visit me at my journal anytime you want :D
THANK YOU! <3<3<3<3

hi! I need more V6 fans in my life! Friends? :3

i can add you but i rarely update nowadays though... i only post on arama and v6 community sometimes

hi there!i am xin from singapore!i am a new v6 fan!!) haha no fav in the group as everyone is soo adorable^^ can i add u? YOROSHIKU~

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