I'm j_linker444...

A new step as a new Voyager.

Hi all! This is the journal of j_linker444.
Your resident V6 FANBOY.
When it comes to other stuff, I'm lazy.

This is an introductory post to my journal an you could easy reach me by commenting below!
I'm open to criticisms that is if your ready for my rationalizations.
You are more than welcome to comment anything, just don't SPAM.

Everything V6 is LOVE.

Just as warm as the OkadaxKen moment there, I am open to new acquaintances in fandom (again). You can add me and let me know about yourself. Come on, I won't bite - I REALLY DON'T. Or maybe... hahaha
UH~ In case I randomly added you and for some reason, you don't know why... maybe it's fandom-related. I think wouldn't happen. So, that's it!

FOR MORE INFO, please visit my profile. (OPPSS, UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)

shiroi nagano

'cause its almost February

... and I haven't posted the second part of my 2013 summary. Gomen gomen.
For the meantime, let me post some caps from a music video that I just fell in love with.


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Tech help ~the revisit~

Hey guys! How has it been? Uhm yeah, I'm still on ninja mode but I'm still checking LJ from time to time. So if anyone can still read this post, do you guys know a good converter for TS? There had been tons and tons of files out there in TS video format and its a pain converting them perfectly since most of the time, the fluidity of the video doesn't really look good. I've been using Total Video Converter for year and it doesn't help me since Iphone doesnt recognize their mp4 formats even those specifically for Iphone/Ipad. I dunno why. I just need a converter that can convert files from TS to MP4 Iphone/Ipad video formats so.... any recommendations?

Thanks in advance! XD