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Tech help ~the revisit~
inocchi feels hot
Hey guys! How has it been? Uhm yeah, I'm still on ninja mode but I'm still checking LJ from time to time. So if anyone can still read this post, do you guys know a good converter for TS? There had been tons and tons of files out there in TS video format and its a pain converting them perfectly since most of the time, the fluidity of the video doesn't really look good. I've been using Total Video Converter for year and it doesn't help me since Iphone doesnt recognize their mp4 formats even those specifically for Iphone/Ipad. I dunno why. I just need a converter that can convert files from TS to MP4 Iphone/Ipad video formats so.... any recommendations?

Thanks in advance! XD

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im using format factory

just google it, i forgot where i got it.., anyway it's free

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